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As the tension between Russia and the West turns into a deeper rift in the wake of the Ukrainian crisis, many have been tempted to declare the beginning of a new Cold War. The English-language media – both Western and Russian – has taken the approach a step further. Flicking through the pages of newspapers or scrolling down a webpage, the tendency towards interpreting current events as a permanent confrontation between Russia and the West is evident: Journalists have put on their Cold War goggles and seem set on keeping them on.

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  2. Aug 10, 2021 Japan’s Epsilon launches RAISE-2 and eight secondary satellites. November 8, 2021.

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Antares Investment Management is an independently-owned portfolio management firm which specializes in building and managing investment portfolios tailored to your individual needs. The fee-for-service structure provides you with a one-on-one relationship with your Portfolio Manager who is responsible for the overall day to day investment decisions.

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We believe that higher returns and lower risk are possible in the same portfolio, and that lower risk ultimately leads to better returns. We approach investing as a business owner would, asking ourselves “Would a prudent business owner buy this business at these prices?” We search globally for companies that fit our rigorous analytical screens to get the best combination of upside potential and downside risk protection.

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