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Avira Phantom VPN Pro is one of many Windows firewall programs. It cracks the most used encryption algorithm used for VPN connections to give you full Internet privacy while you surf. Avira also includes a powerful web filtering tool, an advanced antivirus engine, and more through a comprehensive bundle of features. The Windows version also provides many protection features against spyware, adware, and malware.

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On this page we will look at the speed test results of the Avira Phantom VPN Pro while it was installed on our test machine. When running this speed test on our machines, the program produced quite a large difference between Windows and the free version. This means that if you are going to use this product on your Windows system, you will definitely get faster results than with the other versions. This quick test showed us that the software has a solid anti-virus engine which prevents any sort of virus attack or spyware. It also has a robust web filtering mechanism that protects your PC against malicious sites that could potentially harm your system.

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Many of the people who like to use the Google Maps application on their android devices might find it quite irritating to see advertisements from the Google application. That's the exact same thing that can happen when you try to use the Google Maps application on an Apple iOS device. In order to get rid of these annoying ads you can simply use an effective firewall like the Avira Proguard firewall. Avira Phantom VPN Pro has a nice interface which makes it easy for you to connect and to remove all unwanted files from your system.