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Dashlane is an awesome password manager software that can generate secure passwords and provide one-click auto-fill for passwords. Dashlane allows users to create master password, store credit cards info, and other payment data. With Dashlane, users can create and design strong, unique password with Password Generator to minimizes the possibility of password theft.

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Dashlane is the winner in this comparison vs Keeper. However, we do not disregard Keeper as it is also an incredible choice that will serve you well. Keeper is a cheaper option, but not by much. Both of them have free versions that have a good number of features to help you.

The software comes with AES-256 encryption, two-step verification, unlimited number of passwords, secure synchronization passwords and data across multiple computers and devices, automatic backup data, restore, and unlimited sharing of passwords and Secure Notes.

Features of Dashlane:

  • Dark Web Monitoring – constantly searches the web and alerts when personal information is being used
  • VPN for WiFi protection
  • Unlimited password storage
  • Store up to 1 GB of files in Secure Notes
  • Unlimited sharing of passwords and Secure Notes.
  • Automatically logs in to online accounts, autofill fill forms and payment information
  • Password Generator for create strongest passwords
  • Password Changer can be used to automatically update one or more password at a time
  • Use the military-grade encryption to secure all your passwords
  • Two-factor authentication and register multiple U2F keys
  • Keep account information synced across all devices
  • Encrypt and back up account safely to the Cloud
  • Share passwords and secure notes with peers, friends, and family

Dashlane Premium typically costs $40 to purchase. As part of promotional offer, the company is giving away free promo code to everyone for claim free access to Dashlane Premium. Interested users who intend to try just follow the steps below.

  1. Innovating to keep you safe Dashlane is the first password manager to support U2F YubiKeys, an innovative and universal two-factor authentication standard, backed by Yubico and the FIDO Alliance®. Dashlane Key Archives Download; Dashlane Key Archives List; Related searches » dashlane dashlane inc 6.1848.0.15588 » dashlane dashlane inc 6.1905.
  2. Redeem your Dashlane Premium. Never forget another password. Take your passwords anywhere. Enter or create your Dashlane account: Looks like you're new here! Please confirm your email address.
  1. Go to Dashlane webpage HERE
  2. Choose plan – Dashlane Premium.
  3. Create an account by fill in the email address.
  4. Key in the promo code – CBPROMO2019. It will auto deduct the price and change to USD 0.
    Note: only for register new Dashlane users. Must activate Dashlane Premium on Windows or Mac before use it on Android or iOS platform.

Dashlane designed for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS computer, smartphone, and tablet.

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Using password managers is essential for your data security. Read on as we compare Keeper vs Dashlane, the most prominent password managers in the market!

Password managers continue to grow in importance. Of all the safety solutions that have come up, none can compete with them. They give you the ability to set strong passwords and not worry about remembering them.

Keeper and Dashlane are two of the more prominent password managers out there. Most users view Dashlane as the best password manager, but the Keeper isn’t that far behind. In this comparison, we are going to look into Keeper vs Dashlane to make an informed choice on which is better.


There are several features you should look at before choosing a password manager. These include security, ease of use, and pricing. In each of these features, Dashlane has decent offerings, and that is why it is considered one of the best password managers.

In this article, we’ll look at these three key areas, and more, to give you enough information on Dashlane.

1. Security

Dashlane bases its security on three tenets. Knowing these tenets will help you understand how Dashlane keeps your passwords secure.

Simplicity: You need a simple system for maintenance. People who work on the security setup must be able to understand it quickly. Dashlane follows this rule in keeping your data secure.

Exclusive: Your data is isolated, and the security isn’t dependent on any machine or individual.

Resilience: Lastly comes resilience. Dashlane’s system can handle all forms of regular attacks without a hitch. Attacks will always keep coming, but you can be sure that your data is safe.

These three pillars are what powers Dashlane’s security makeup. In the next section, you’ll read about how Dashlane implements its security structure.

2. Ciphering

The first part of Dashlane’s security is data ciphering. Dashlane takes your data and converts it into a jumbled up form. In this form, even if a hacker were to get the data, it wouldn’t help them. Dashlane first asks you for a master password. They then use the master password to generate a ciphering key. Your ciphering is what ensures perfect encryption of all your other data.

You can have your data in local storage, or on Dashlane’s cloud servers. The master password, however, is kept separate from your other data.

3. Authentication

Dashlane activation key Archives 2019

The other aspect of security you get from Dashlane is proper authentication. On your first experience, you will have to provide a one time password. Dashlane sends this password to your email during the registration process. While you are logging in using the one time password, Dashlane generates for you a device key. The device key relates to the device you are using to log in.

To log in in the future, you require your master password and the authentication device.

4. Additional Protection

AES 256 encryption is one of the most robust forms of protection you can get. Additionally, however, Dashlane also utilizes an algorithm known as Agron2d. Dashlane does this to ensure that your passwords are safe from password cracking.

5. Dashboard

Security is essential, but sometimes it can feel like you don’t understand the fine details. Dashlane is committed to making sure you know how their security works. You have a dashboard that caters exclusively to security. The panel monitors your passwords. It will then notify you of any passwords that are weak or dangerous.

When you are setting up your passwords, Dashlane has strict requirements. Your passwords are, therefore, reliable. If you provide weak passwords, the dashboard will flag them instantly. Lastly, when you are revising passwords, Dashlane offers you the ability to modify many passwords at once.

6. Ease Of Use

One of Dashlane’s major selling points is how easy it is to use. You first install a browser extension, this doesn’t take long. You then follow a series of steps for setting up an account. The next step is a link to the mobile application. With this link, Dashlane syncs your devices.

If you are a Chrome user, you won’t be able to import passwords automatically. Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer allow you to upload passwords automatically.

The mobile application is decent, but it won’t give you as many functions as the web interface.

7. Support

Regular support is through the knowledge base. Here. You can read up on a variety of help topics. Email support is not as reliable as self-help. You’ll most likely face long reply times on email. If you are a premium client, however, you will receive priority support.

8. Additional Features

Dashlane doesn’t just offer you regular password management features. You can access several extra features, such as storage and insurance.

Receipt Capture

The receipt capture feature helps with tracking your expenditure. It captures receipts and other purchase information any time you are shopping online. With this information, you can know how much you are spending and adjust accordingly.


You get two kinds of scans with Dashlane: Inbox scans and Dark Web scans.

Inbox scans are elementary. At times, you may send sensitive information such as passwords through email. To prevent the risk of these passwords falling into the wrong hands, Dashlane scans your inbox and informs you of any changes you need to make.


Dashlane provides you with a secure and anonymous way to surf the internet through their VPN. The VPN hides your identity and protects you from online spying.


The regular storage you get in Dashlane is 1GB. The maximum file size you can store on the platform is 50MB.


Finally, you get identity insurance. If someone steals your identity while you are on Dashlane, you are eligible for compensation up to $1 million.


Keeper is a well-known password manager that consistently ranks among the best in password managers. The features you get in Keeper will give you an excellent solution to your password management.

1. Security

Several pillars anchor the Keeper’s security architecture. Keeper is among the best password managers, so you can be sure your passwords are safe.

2. Zero-knowledge

Keeper has a zero-knowledge policy when it comes to master passwords. A more straightforward way to say this is that only you know your master password. The keeper makes it clear that if you lose your master password, there is nothing they can do to help.

This policy is useful because it gives you ultimate protection. Dashlane can’t give out your data because they cannot access it. In the same way, even if a hacker were to access their servers, they wouldn’t find your passwords.

3. Security architecture

You get all the regular forms of security to keep your passwords safe. Keeper encrypts your data using your master password. As we’ve already made clear, only you know this master password. The encryption algorithm they use is AES 256, one of the most robust encryption schemes available.

Keeper encrypts your data before storing it, but the servers it uses are also secure. For user authentication, you can use two-factor authentication to add another layer of security to your data.

Lastly, the security system is under constant surveillance. As new threats arise, Keeper’s policy can learn to combat it effectively.

4. Usage

If you are a new user, you get a process on-site that takes you through all the essential steps in the application. You can import any passwords into Keeper at this point. Also, you can bring in passwords from over fifteen other competing platforms such as Lastpass and Dashlane.

From there, you can install a browser extension to activate Keeper’s functionality in your browser. Keeper will also encourage you to enable two-factor authentication for added security.

All the other processes are not hard to grasp. Once you are on the browser extension, it will make the management of your passwords more straightforward.

5. Password management

Any time you log in to a secure website, Keeper automatically captures the password and saves it. If the page is not safe, Keeper will alert you. After this, you don’t have to remember the password for that page ever again.

Dashlane Activation Key Archives

When you want to log in next time, Keeper offers you an auto log in prompt. You can also open Keeper’s icon at the top and view all the relevant fields and fill them accordingly.

In case you want to edit your password or choose a new one, you also open the icon. However, you should know that Keeper won’t offer you fully automatic password correction because it is a zero-knowledge system.

6. Password generation and improvement

Whenever you create a new record, Keeper creates a new password. If you’re using a new password to log in, you overwrite the one Keeper generated. The password Keeper makes for you is 12 characters long and contains various character types.

Keeper has a security audit system that monitors your passwords and indicates their strength. If you use some passwords multiple times, or they are weak, the system will notify you through a password score. Data breaches occur and may compromise your passwords. Keeper will inform you of these breaches and any changes you need to make to your passwords.

7. The vault

The vault offers storage for more than passwords. You can also store documents and other sensitive kinds of information. The amount of storage you can access depends on the subscription plan you are on.

8. Autofill

Keeper’s autofill feature is known as KeeperFill. In the past, this feature could only work on specific platforms. However, Keeper updated the functionality, and now it works on all platforms.

On iOS, you have to give Keeper permission to fill passwords automatically. You then hit the password icon whenever it appears on the screen for saved sites.

On Android, you enable KeeperFill as an autofill service. Then you activate KeeperFill in the Manage Keyboard section and allow it to show over other apps.

If you are a Mac or Windows user, then you enable the autofill feature via a hotkey.

9. Sharing

Keeper can help you share your passwords and still maintain the same level of security. You can only share passwords with users who are on the platform. Also, the user who receives the login credential can use it to login but cannot modify it.

You can also enable emergency sharing in case people need access to your passwords urgently and can’t find you. To allow emergency sharing, click on the Account link, and go to emergency access.

10. Support

Keeper support is extensive; it gives you several avenues through which you can get help.

There is chat support, but you must enable cookies on your browser to use this feature.

You can also contact support the natural way throughout the day. The natural contact means include email and phone support.

Keeper also keeps a check on your system and informs you of any issues you need to handle. There are also user guides and technical support.

Lastly, you can access an FAQ section where you can find answers to pressing issues.

Pricing and Packages: Keeper VS Dashlane

Keeper has several plans you can use. If you have a single device, you can use Keeper for free.

Personal subscription costs you $29.99 every year. Keeper also has other products you can use in addition to the password manager. The maximum plan you can subscribe to on Keeper costs $59.99 per year and includes all the other products. Keeper’s family plan costs $59.99 per year and includes 10GB of additional storage.

You can get Dashlane for free. The free version offers you management of up to 50 passwords and the autofill feature.

The premium version costs $3.33 every month, but you Dashlane bill you annually.

Dashlane is the winner in this comparison vs Keeper. However, we do not disregard Keeper as it is also an incredible choice that will serve you well.

Keeper is a cheaper option, but not by much. Both of them have free versions that have a good number of features to help you.

Dashlane stands out because of the additional products it offers vs those of Keeper. These products give you real value for money. Keeper also has other products, but they won’t be as useful to you as Dashlane’s.

Thank you for reading! Be sure to check out similar articles like “1password VS Dashlane (2019) Features and Pricing” or “1Password VS LastPass: Features and Pricing” to see other options and keep comparing to find the best password security integration for you.

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