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Getting Started with DashLane 3 Premium. [email protected] Personal Security November 27, 2014. November 27, 2014. Dashlane 3 Premium is an alternative to LastPass, Dashlane is generally a less technical program and does not support the Linux operating system. Intel and Dashlane are using an innovative, convenient approach to two-factor authentication (2FA) utilizing the U2F protocol. Dashlane has implemented built-in U2F support for all Windows. Achieving faster and more reliable releases is the goal of all CTOs and Engineering Teams. Download Dashlane: Dashlane is a password management application that lets you store and fill passwords for various account-based websites.

Manage your login IDs, passwords, payment information, and other data
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Usernames and passwords, ID cards and passport details, credit card numbers, and online banking information are not only of an extremely high sensitivity but also easy to forget. Dashlane solves both problems with one single software solution that will not only keep all your private information hidden and secure but will also prevent you from locking yourself out from your online activity.

Dashlane is far from being yet another password manager. Besides all the features you would expect from such a tool, the program comes with a wide variety of features to store and manage your notes, your personal info, your online payment methods, IDs and passports, online (or any other) purchase receipts, etc. You can opt to keep all your most sensitive information hidden and safe or share part or all of it with any number of e-mail recipients.

In order to guarantee a secure access to this plethora of personal and confidential information, you’ll be asked to provide not only an e-mail address but also a secure password. If you feel unable to produce one that you think is strong enough, you can always use the program’s password generator to create a fort-knox-type one. The tool’s Security Dashboard will keep you informed about the strength of the passwords and log-in details that you add to Dashlane.


But Dashlane is not only a safe wallet where you can keep your confidential information safe and secure – you can also set up this tool to fill in all this information for you whenever you visit the corresponding site. To make things even easier, Dashlane is a platform-agnostic tool that is equally effective on a Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or Linux device. This will let you use your passwords from a PC, a tablet, or a smartphone, knowing that all your information will be synced automatically among them.

Dashlane is an excellent way of keeping your passwords, usernames, and all kinds of sensitive information updated and secure, away from hackers and prying eyes. The program can be used for free without time limitations on one device of your choice. If you wish to use more than one and sync your data across them, you’ll need to purchase either a Premium or a Business license, which will also provide you with a wealth of extra features.


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Dashlane Free Password Manager

  • Available for all platforms with sync functionality
  • Classifies your passwords by category
  • Support for credit cards and ID information
  • Includes Chrome, Firefox, and IE extensions
  • Includes a password generator
  • Free for personal password management

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