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The Datastore is where Snagit stores its Unsaved Captures. If this Datastore folder is moved from its original location without being exported from the Snagit Editor using this process, then the captures will not automatically open back up in the Snagit Library. However, it is possible to restore these captures so that they show in your Library.

This process will restore the images from the original Datastore and replace any new captures that were taken since it was moved. It is not possible to merge Datastores at this time.

A copy of SnagIt 9.1.2 Including the Serial I got from TPBSnagit 9.1.2 (capture & edition)22 August 2009AM5SC-8LWML-MVMWU-DTLGE-ERMBECapture anything you see. Sep 02, 2021 Download a Previous Version of TechSmith Software. Last Updated: September 02, 2021 10:28. To install a previous version of the software, visit the Download Center. Fortunately, today we have finally finished it and enabled it to meet with you. So from now, AppNee will keep up updating and improving this post to release all portable full registered versions (with multi-user license) of Snagit. Continue reading. v2021.4 TechSmith Snagit Portable full versions AIO.

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  1. Locate the old Datastore folder that you would like to restore.
  2. View the contents of the Datastore folder.
  3. Enable viewing file extensions in Windows Explorer by opening Control Panel > File Explorer Options > View, deselect Hide extensions for known file types and press Apply.
  4. Select all of the items in the Datastore folder. Right-click the items and select Send To > Compressed (zipped) folder.
  5. Right-click on the zip file and rename it to Datastore.snagarchive
  6. Select Yes to the following prompt: Are sure you would like to change the extension of the file?
  7. Restore the Datastore in the Snagit Editor.
    Snagit 2018 and later: Edit > Editor Preferences > Library > Backup/Restore Automatically Stored Files > Restore
    Snagit 13:
    File > Editor Preferences > Library > Backup/Restore Automatically Stored Files > Restore
    Snagit 12: File tab > Editor Options > Advanced > Backup/Restore Automatically Stored Files > Restore
  8. Browse to the Datastore.snagarchive file that you created from Step 4 and select Open. This will remove all captures from your existing Library and replace them.

SnagIt Studio 6.1.1 Trial

SnagIt has been providing Microsoft Windows users with an easy way to capture and print Windows screens since it was first released in 1990. SnagIt is for any computer user who needs to capture more than a few screens for any purpose.

SnagIt 6.1.1 - README.TXT 15 July 2002







3.1 Installation Instructions

3.2 Installed Files

3.3 Uninstall Instructions

3.4 Manual Uninstall Instructions


4.1 Using On-line Help

4.2 SnagIt Support







Welcome! You have chosen a powerful Windows image, text, and video

capture program that allows you many options. SnagIt is for any

computer user who needs to capture more than a few screens for

any purpose, such as:

o Capturing screens and menus in a Windows program to create


o Professional image processing and manipulation, e.g. shrink

screen captures while maintaining image readability.

o Saving a long window, even if it scrolls off-screen, with a

single capture instead of clipping them together.

o Creating AVI movies from live program action on your computer

screen. Also record audio at the same time from your microphone.

o Creating a multimedia program or computer based training (CBT).

o Reducing the number of repetitious steps required to capture many


o Saving a screen to e-mail it to someone else.

o Capturing text from applications with no cut or paste option.

o Easy management of large numbers of captures of any type; images,

text or video.

o Integrating SnagIt's capture functionality into other

applications through its Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) support.

o Capturing all the images from Internet web pages.

o Eliminating the need for scanning printer output. SnagIt's

Printer Capture allows you to capture any application's printer

output directly as digital images.

SnagIt has been providing Microsoft Windows users with an easy way

to capture and print Windows screens since it was first released in

1990. In 'Windows 3.1 Secrets,' author Brian Livingston calls

SnagIt 'the print utility Microsoft Windows forgot.'




In order to run SnagIt, your system must meet these specifications:

o An IBM PC or compatible that meets the minimum hardware

requirements for your version of Microsoft Windows.

o Microsoft Windows 95/98, or Windows NT 4.0 (or higher), or

installed and configured on your system. SnagIt Studio requires

Windows 95B or higher.

o A mouse or other pointing device

o For printed output, a Windows-supported printer that can print

bitmaps. (This includes most of the laser, dot matrix and ink jet

printers that Windows supports. Plotters are not recommended for

use with SnagIt due to their inability to print bitmaps.)

o The Web Capture tool requires Internet Explorer 4.01 (or later)

to be installed.

o The Printer Capture tool in not available on Windows NT.




3.1 Installation Instructions

The SnagIt installation program SETUP.EXE is a Microsoft Windows

application. You must have Windows 95/98 or NT ( 4.0 or later )

installed prior to installing SnagIt. To install SnagIt, perform

the following steps:

1. Start Windows, if you haven't already done so.

Download Snagit For Mac

2. Insert the SnagIt CDROM into the CDROM drive. If the setup

program does not automatically start, or if you have SnagIt

on diskettes, perform the remaining steps.

3. From the Start menu, select Run

4. In the dialog box, enter:


(you will need to change the drive letter in the command line

above to match your current CDROM drive or your floppy drive if

you are installing from diskettes)

5. Click on the OK button.

6. Follow the instructions given by the setup wizard for correct

installation of the product.

3.2 Installed Files

The SnagIt setup program copies the following files to your

computer during installation:

snagit32.exe Executable for Windows 95/98 & Windows NT

snagtx16.dll SnagIt support file for text capture

snagtx32.dll SnagIt support file for text capture

snagtxnt.dll SnagIt support file for text capture

snagDx.dll DirectX capture support

snagEx.dll Extended Window Capture support

snagit32.cnt Windows Help contents file for the SnagIt

snagit32.hlp Windows Help file for the SnagIt

RoboEx32.dll Help system support file

SnagItPI.exe SnagIt Printer installer program

lfbmp12n.dll BMP file format support file

lfcmp12n.dll JPG file format support file

lffax12n.dll TIF file format support file

lfgif12n.dll GIF file format support file

lfpcx12n.dll PCX file format support file

lfpng12n.dll PNG file format support file

lftif12n.dll TIF file format support file

lftga12n.dll TARGA file format support file

lttwn12n.dll TWAIN device support file

ltdis12n.dll Image library support file

ltdlg12n.dll Image library support file

ltefx12n.dll Image library support file

ltfil12n.dll Image library support file

ltimg12n.dll Image library support file

ltkrn12n.dll Image library support file

ltscr12n.dll Image library support file

SnagIt.gif Graphic file for the WaterMark feature.

Avifix.reg Fixes the 'Avi Class Not Registered' error

Folder 2kxp Printer Capture files for XP and Win 2000

Folder 9xME Printer Capture files for Win 9x and Win ME

Folder Images Images used for Web Thumbnail Output

Folder Textures Textures used for Web Thumbnail Output

siuninst.exe SnagIt uninstaller

unwise.exe Uninstall program

install.log Log file used by the uninstall program

dderef.doc SnagIt DDE command reference Macro for incorporating SnagIt into Microsoft Word

Download snagit free

snagww.doc Macro for incorporating SnagIt into Microsoft Word

readme.txt This file

license.txt End-user license agreement

3.3 Uninstall Instructions

If after installing SnagIt, you find it necessary to remove the

software from your computer, perform the following steps:

1. Run the Windows Control Panel

2. Open the Add/Remove Programs applet from Control Panel.

3. Select SnagIt from the list of applications that can uninstalled

by Windows.

4. Click on the Add/Remove button to uninstall SnagIt.

If the uninstall program encounters errors, see the following

section for manual uninstall instructions.

3.4 Manual Uninstall Instructions

If you encountered a problem during the uninstall, here are the

steps you can take to manually uninstall SnagIt from your computer.

1. Start Windows, if you haven't already done so.

2. From the Start Menu, select Settings and then Taskbar. Now

configure your Start Menu Programs by clicking on the Advanced


3. Find the program group in which SnagIt was installed. Click

once on the SnagIt filename to highlight it. Press the delete

key. Confirm that you wish to delete the program item.

4. If you selected 'Automatically run SnagIt when Windows starts'

during installation, delete SnagIt from the Startup group.

Follow step #2 and then find the Startup group. Click once on the

SnagIt icon to highlight it. Press the delete key. Confirm

that you wish to delete the program item.

5. Run Windows Explorer and change to the directory in which you

installed SnagIt. Delete all the files listed in section 6.2.




4.1 Using SnagIt's On-line Help

SnagIt's on-line Help system is compatible with the Windows Help

subsystems. The SnagIt Help file contains all of the information

you'll need to use SnagIt.

To access SnagIt Help, select Help from the SnagIt menu bar, then

Help Index from the drop-down menu.

To get a quick overview of SnagIt essentials, select Quick Help from

the Help menu.

To acquire information about your screen mode and printer type,

select System Info from the Help menu.

4.2 SnagIt Support

TechSmith is committed to providing a reliable, high-quality product

that is easy to use. If you have any problem installing or

using SnagIt, we want to know about it.

You can contact TechSmith by mail, phone, or fax. TechSmith also

provides electronic support through CompuServe, the World Wide Web

and e-mail.

TechSmith Corporation Support: [email protected]

P.O. Box 4758 WWW :

East Lansing, MI 48826-4758 TEL : 517-333-2100

U.S.A. FAX : 517-333-1888

In any communication with TechSmith regarding a problem with SnagIt,

please clearly state the following:

o The product name and version number.

o Your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number.

o Your hardware and software configuration. Go to SnagIt's

Help->Support dialog to get your diagnostic information.

o A description of the problem, and what you were trying to do when

the problem occurred.




v6.1.1 Added the ability to delete a range of pages when viewing

a multi-page printer capture or multi-page TIFF file.

Improved Web Capture proxy configuration. A new option

will automatically use your web browser settings to

Download Snagit Archives

configure your proxy settings.

Improved the accessibility of the Program File capture

dialog. The dialog is now fully Section 508 compliant.

Fixed a problem with correctly displaying and applying

the Image Resolution filter during a batch conversion.

Fixed a problem with capturing menus in Office XP.

Fixed a problem with printing very large images.

v6.1.0 Added 'Printer Capture'. SnagIt's Printer Capture feature

allows you to capture and manipulate the print output from

any application as a digital image. All of SnagIt's filters

and output redirection are supported for Printer Capture.

Print to the paperless SnagIt virtual printer. Convert any

document type to standard image file formats. Convert any

print output into an electronic document to be shared via

email or the web. Add powerful Print Preview and enhanced

printer processing to any application. Use Printer Capture

when you cannot use screen capture. Note: This feature is

not available on Windows NT 4.

Implemented U.S. Government 'Section 508' accessibility

enhancements. SnagIt is now more accessible than ever for

users with disabilities.

Added a 'Create Web Page' feature in the SnagIt Catalog

Browser. Easily create a complete thumbnail web page for

any number of images. No HTML editing or programming

required. SnagIt creates web pages in many customizable

styles, even an animated SlideShow.

Added 'Wallpaper Output'. This features allows images

selected in the Catalog Browser to be quickly set as the

Windows desktop Wallpaper.

Added 'Extended Window Capture'. This is an XP only

feature that allows you to resize a window to be much

larger than the screen, and then capture the entire

window including the window frame.

Added full keyboard control for selecting regions, windows,

and objects to capture. Precisely select a region with

pixel level accuracy using the keyboard and magnifier


v6.0.2 Updated SnagIt so that it is now compliant with the

Microsoft 'Designed for Windows XP' specifications, and

meets all of the requirements for applications that are

designed to run on Windows XP.

Fixed a problem where SnagIt could lock up if a network

printer driver is installed and there is no network

connection. Note: This problem was not completely solved

in the previous version.

v6.0.1 Fixed a problem with the Catalog Viewer. Modifying a file

outside the Catalog Viewer, that was also selected in the

Catalog Viewer could cause SnagIt to fail.

Fixed a problem in the Catalog Browser. If you pressed

the '+','-',',' or 'Ctrl-G' keys SnagIt would fail.

Fixed a problem where the scrollbar range was not being

calculated correctly in the Catalog Viewer, which could

cause black areas to appear in the scrolled image.

Fixed a problem with video capture, where audio and video

could become out of sync.

Added new menu options and keyboard shortcuts to the

Catalog Browser.

Fixed a problem where the cursor would disappear when doing

a capture if the Magnifier window was turned on.

Fixed a problem where SnagIt could lock up if a network

printer driver is installed and there is no network


v6.0.0 Added Web Capture. Capture all of the following images

from web pages on the Internet, jpg, gif, and png's.

Images are captured all at one time and stored on your

computer. Also, there are many search and filtering options

associated with this feature. Web Capture requires

Internet Explorer version 4.01 or later.

We now have the ability to capture DirectX related content,

such as games and DVD output. Set input to DirectX to use

this feature.

We have enhanced our capture preview window, to allow

zooming in and out of images, and added an improved region

selection tool and grid display option.

We now capture layered windows, which is a new style of

window used on Windows 2000 and Windows XP for translucent

and irregular shaped windows.

Added new browsing and viewing enhancements to the Catalog

Browser window. Floating and dock able tool bars. Added a

thumbnail video, and image preview window. Preview images,

and play videos from the thumbnail preview window.

v5.2.2 Fixed a problem with two separate profiles using the same


Fixed a problem with the cursor not being included in the

first capture made while in time capture mode.

Fixed a problem where auto file naming would not loop for

text files and avi files.

Fixed a problem with the cursor not appearing in the zoom

window until the first mouse movement was made.

Eliminated excessive flicker in the Catalog Browser when


Fixed a problem with Image file output saving with the

wrong file format when using upper case file names.

Fixed a problem when specifying the /H to hide SnagIt.

Changed SnagIt so the capture wizard dialog does not come

up when using this option.

Fixed a problem when SnagIt was minimized, if you invoked

a capture of the Active window using the tray icon menu,

it always captured the task bar. This was specific to

Windows 2000.

Fixed a problem with the Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V shortcuts not

working in the Catalog Browser.

Fixed a problem where SnagIt would silently fail when it

could not save a file in certain cases.

v5.2.1 Fixed a problem with the registration form not being

correctly generated.

Fixed a program failure when pressing some accelerators

in specific circumstances.

Fixed a problem with the text annotation drop down list

growing when switching profiles.

Fixed a problem in Catalog Browser when the list was sorted

by name: batch operations were not performed on every

selected files.

v5.2.0 Added applying image processing effects to a specific

region from the 'Capture Preview' and 'Catalog Viewer'


Added the ability to capture multiple regions of the screen

at one time. You can also deselect a region that you have

already selected.

Added post processing from the 'Capture Preview' and the

'Catalog viewer' windows, for Watermark, Annotation,

Border, and Trim effects.

Improved scrolling window coverage, we now scroll some

windows that couldn't be scrolled.

Added a delayed capture option. This allows a delay before

a capture is started.

Added schedule capture based on a time and date. Allows you

to setup a time and date when SnagIt will perform a


Added TWAIN support for scanners and digital cameras.

Added an output option which sends a capture to Studio.

Added the ability to capture non rectangular areas


Added the ability to save printer settings within SnagIt.

Added the ability to support TARGA files.

Added the ability to scroll windows horizontally in

addition to vertically.

Added a Zoom feature which provides a magnifying window so

you can see an enlarged area around the mouse cursor.

Added a 'tip of the day' feature, this will give a help tip

on using SnagIt.

Improved AutoScroll performance by as much as 10 times in

some cases.

Loading (decompressing) and saving (compressing) JPEG files

have been hand-optimized for (MMX, PII and PIII). Most

files now compress 100% faster and decompress 50% faster.'

Text capture efficiency has been improved and is now faster

on Windows NT.

Timer settings are now assigned per profile.

We now provide a registry fix for the error 'AvI Class Not

Registered' by using the 'Avifix.reg' file.

Add the ability to capture desktop Wallpaper using SnagIt

Changed the default JPG file quality from 75% to 90%.

v5.1.1 Increased the default audio quality to '22,050Hz

16-bit mono.

Fixed problems with some audio cards/drivers, where

pausing video capture and then resuming resulted in no

audio, or garbled audio.

Fixed problems capturing a cursor when an application

(e.g. AutoCAD over a CAD drawing) has hidden

the Windows cursor.

Fixed a problem when saving to a GIF files with a color

depth less than 8bits. The image would appear dithered.

Changed SnagIt so that launching Studio from the SnagIt

preview window doesn't overwrite the clipboard


Changed the default video mode input to 320x240.

Fixed a problem with Auto scroll taking a long time on web

pages that contain a huge number of objects.

Fixed a problem with Object capture not immediately

responding to cancel capture request, this problem occurred

on pages with a large number of objects.

Changed SnagIt to detect capture hotkey conflicts between

different profiles.

Fixed a NT related problem which could lead to program and

system failures, when certain applications were running

during the text capture.

Fixed a problem on 95/98/Me platforms. When capturing text

from menus, list boxes or combo boxes, the text was

captured backward.

Fixed a problem where SnagIt's Catalog Browser could take a

very long time to open text files that actually contained

binary data.

v5.1.0 Added the 'Program File' feature. This feature adds support

to capture Bitmaps, Icons, and Cursors from a resource

file, such as an 'EXE' or 'DLL'.

Added a border filter feature. This feature allows borders

to be added around captures.

Added multiple color substitution, allows multiple pairs of

colors to be substituted on each capture.

Added a Watermark feature. This feature allows watermarks

to be added to captures. Watermarks are similar to the

Download snagit for windows

icons that sometimes appear at the bottom of the screen

of television broadcasts.

Added a cropping and trimming filter. This feature allows

trimming of the image capture size automatically.

Added multiple images on a page feature. This feature

allows multiple captures to be printed on a single page.

Improved the SnagIt 'Quick Start Wizard'. The general

usability of the wizard was enhanced.

Made SnagIt filters available in batch processing mode for

catalog images. Now you can apply filters to all the

files in your batch process.

Added the ability to capture Text on NT and Windows 2000.

This feature works likes the text capture feature for

Windows 95 and 98.

Added the ability to capture text based on windows objects,

examples of objects include buttons, folders, and Web

page items.

Added the ability to capture images based on windows


Added a feature to allow for sequential auto-file naming

on remote machines (Web output).

In auto naming index we now allow the user to determine the

number of digits (e.g. ###.gif or ####.gif).

Improved the registration wizard which is shown when

registering SnagIt.

v5.0.2 Fixed the transparency controls for the GIF file format.

These controls were not visible on the dialog.

Fixed problem with the catalog causing a GPF fault when

displaying bitmaps on a 256 color desktop.

v5.0.1 Added a preview window to the page layout dialog.

Added support to allow the user to choose the audio

recording device.

Improved the robustness of the audio recording thread.

Fixed problems with the initial UI frame size on systems

with large fonts and validates startup window position.

Fixed Filters->Layout menu option which was disabled.

Fixed problems with logging errors before the CError Log

object is created.

Fixed transparent flat toolbar problem. It does not work

correctly with comctl32.dll version 4.70.

v5.0.0 Capture profiles enables users to configure multiple

capture configurations. Activate a different capture at

the press of a hot-key or mouse button.

SnagIt Studio is a companion application that allows users

to annotate their screen captures quickly and easily.

Note: This is an optional component and you may need to

download this feature separately.

A revised user interface allows users to easily activate

captures using the mouse. Three user interface views

are available: normal, compact, and profile.

Web output enables users to put their captures on the

Snagit archive download

Internet. SnagIt turns your desktop into a web cam.

An enhanced annotation filter allows users to place any

text on the captured image or video. Special captions

are available for time date, user name and computer name.

Printer output controls have been enhanced. Users can

now specify margins and fixed size dimensions for printed


A configurable log file enables users to monitor SnagIt

activity. This is ideal for timer activated captures.

Added an option to print the filename in the Catalog


Added support for reading 'Exif' JPEG and TIFF files

created by digital cameras. NOTE: File comments and

meta data in these formats are not preserved when

processed by SnagIt.

The catalog browser now support the 'Desktop' special


Download Snagit Archives Windows 10

Reading JPEG files is 40% faster.

Image processing functions have been fine tuned to deliver

increased speed and accuracy.




o SnagIt hangs on e-mail output on Windows 95 if only 16-bit

MS Mail has been configured (i.e. MAPI is in use, but neither

MS Exchange or any other 32-bit MAPI mail client has been


o SnagIt generally cannot capture DVD video displays in video

capture mode, but can capture most DVD video displays in image

capture mode, with input set to DirectX.

o SnagIt cannot directly capture audio from other applications

(e.g. Windows Media Player). However, it is sometimes

possible to record this audio by placing the microphone near

your computer's speakers, or by connecting 'line out' to

'microphone in' on your sound card.

o SnagIt cannot capture video from applications on some

systems that use graphics hardware acceleration for video

playback (e.g. newer versions of Media Player and RealNetwork's

RealPlayer). It is often possible to disable the graphics

hardware acceleration.

There are two ways to disable graphics hardware acceleration:

1. Disable graphics hardware acceleration globally for all

applications using the Control Panel 'System' applet. Go to

the 'Performance' tab and click the 'Graphics' button under

'Advanced settings...'. Set the 'Hardware acceleration'

slider to None and hit OK. You may need to restart Windows

to have this change apply.

2. Disable graphics hardware acceleration for a particular

application. For example, in RealPlayer G2 select

Options/Preferences from the RealPlayer menu. Go to the

'Performance' tab and disable (uncheck) the 'Use optimized

video display' setting. You may need to stop and restart

any movie being played to have the change take effect.

Disabling the graphics hardware acceleration globally for all

applications is probably the easiest way to 'fix' the problem.

Of course, with hardware acceleration disabled, video playback

may not be as smooth as it could be with acceleration enabled.

o EXIF file format comments and metadata are not preserved when

processed with SnagIt. This applies to using such files as an

input source or processing them in the catalog browser.

o Extra steps are needed to use Object Capture with Windows 95 or

How To Backup Snagit Images

Windows NT. In order to use Object capture with Windows NT you

will need to upgrade to service pack 6. In o rder to use Windows

95 you will need to install the Active Accessibility

Redistribution kit located at Microsoft's web site.




If you are evaluating SnagIt, please see the help file for detailed

information on how to purchase the product. You can always find

the latest information on the product by visit our web site at

Thank you for using SnagIt!

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(C) 2002 TechSmith Corporation. All Rights Reserved. TechSmith

and SnagIt are registered trademarks of TechSmith Corporation.

Microsoft, Windows, and Windows NT are registered trademarks of


Microsoft Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of

their respective holders.


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