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Download Lumion. Download installer. Newsletter archive Legal Site map. Architectural visualization Landscape design. 3D software Interior design. Trimble SketchUp Autodesk Revit Autodesk FormIt Pro Graphisoft ArchiCAD Autodesk Autocad Nemetschek Allplan Nemetschek Vectorworks Rhinoceros BricsCAD 3D Studio Max. Lumion Pro 10.5 With Crack Also, it contains a model placement, scene editor, and material editing tools as well as landscape and sky or even water editing. So, the Lumion Pro Torrent full download is the ultimate image and video generation tool with a special focus on visuals, tutorials, and many other magnificent features for building.

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Lumion is a professional tool designed for visualization of objects that supports models from various BIM, CAD and modelling software. It can help you easily and quickly bring 3D model of your design to life. The idea behind Lumion is to enable anyone to create impressive and high-quality videos, images and real-time presentations of architecture, urban planning and design.

Lumion supports models from: 3DS Max, Maya and other modelling tools; Revit, ArchiCAD, SketchUp and other CAD and BIM software. Once the model is created you can export it into Lumion and can make a video within 5 minutes. Lumion provides you an extensive material library. From this library you can quickly select different object with realistic appearance.

The product comes in a Standard and Pro versions. Standard offers basic functionality and is suitable for small companies or freelancers. Pro contains comprehensive functions and is intended for professional visualization studios.

Lumion is used in over 60 countries around the world, by architects, designers, engineers, BIM modelers. Lumion has become a leading product in its field because it has redefined the process of making 3D visualization and has become an essential tool for many professionals.

Lumion LiveSync

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Lumion LiveSync is an active link between your software and Lumion that gives a live, real-time view of your design in the context of the real world. There are Lumion LiveSync add-ins for Autodesk FormIt, Revit, SketchUp, ArchiCAD, Rhino, Vectorworks, AutoCAD and BricsCAD.

What’s new in version 12.0:

  • Volumetric spotlight effect (Pro only). New addition to the wide variety of lighting options. Cast a visible beam of light throughout your scene. Give spaces more depth and realism.
  • Surface decals (Pro only). New surface decals to show surface imperfections and highlight textures.
  • Car license plates. Variety of license plate styles from 10 different countries as well as all 50 U.S. states. Allows you to anchor your design to a specific place.
  • Expanded object library. 570 new objects (some Pro only) including furniture, garden items, transportation items, etc.
  • Expanded material library. 65 new materials that can be altered via surface decals, weathering, soft edges (Pro only) and more.
  • Character billboard. New character billboard object type in Utilities. Useful if you want to create some signs (it will always looking at the camera).
  • LiveSync for Autodesk FormIt Pro. The range of LiveSync real-time connection plug-ins has been extended to include Autodesk FormIt Pro.
  • Improved OpenStreetMaps (Pro Only). Better control, rotate and import the surrounding topography for your project.
  • Improved scene building. Rendering is cleaner, smoother and more efficient.
  • Settings – Editor Resolution. New real-time GPU upsampling technology. Editor Resolution: 50% Performance, 59% Balanced, 67% Quality, 77% Ultra, 100% Native.
  • Other new features, improvements and bug fixes.

For more information please visit Lumion 12.0: Release notes.

Trial versions

There are two Trial versions of Lumion: the full Lumion 12.0 Pro Trial and the limited Lumion 12.0 Trial.

The full Lumion 12.0 Pro Trial version

The full version is only available to those who are interested in evaluating Lumion for purchase decisions:

  • It is a fully functional Trial version of Lumion 12.0 Pro.
  • It includes all the content and functionality of the full commercial version.
  • Your identity and company details will be manually verified by your local reseller before you get access to the software.
  • It is valid for 14 consecutive days (from when you start Lumion Pro Trial the first time).
  • Lumion 12.0 Pro Trial must be started within 30 days after the License Key was issued. Otherwise, the License Key will automatically expire.

The limited Lumion 12.0 Trial version

This Trial version is similar to the full version of Lumion 12.0 Pro but with the following limitations:

  • Projects saved in this version can NOT be opened in other versions of Lumion.
  • You can only install Lumion 12.x Trial once on a given PC. After that, the next time you can install Lumion Trial is when Lumion 13.0 Trial is released later on in November 2022.
  • Panorama Mode is disabled.
  • OpenStreetMap functionality is disabled.
  • Only 15% of the Model Library and Material Library is included.
  • Photos and Movies include a watermark.
  • Lumion Viewer is not included.
  • It is valid for 14 consecutive days (from when you start Lumion 12.0 Trial the first time).
  • Lumion Trial must be started within 30 days from the moment the License Key is issued. Otherwise, the License Key will automatically expire.

For more information please visit

About ACT-3D B.V.​

Founded in January 2001, Dutch development powerhouse Act-3D B.V. creates user-friendly real-time 3D visualization software. Lumion, MyLumion, Act-3D, Hyperlight, Pureglass, OmniShadow and Speedray Reflections are registered trademarks of Act-3D B.V. in The Netherlands.


Imported Models window. ©CWeltonDesign
Objects window. ©CWeltonDesign
Movie mode. ©CWeltonDesign
Volumetric spotlight effect. ©CWeltonDesign
Volumetric spotlight effect. ©CWeltonDesign
Surface decals. ©CWeltonDesign
Clip plane. ©CWeltonDesign
Materials. ©CWeltonDesign
OpenStreetMaps. ©CWeltonDesign
Architectural render made in Lumion. ©Lumion
Architectural render made in Lumion. ©Lumion
Architectural render made in Lumion. ©Lumion
Architectural render made in Lumion. ©Lumion
Architectural render made in Lumion. ©Lumion
Architectural render made in Lumion. ©Lumion
Architectural render made in Lumion. ©Lumion
Architectural render made in Lumion. ©Lumion


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