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MorphVox is a robust and precise best voice changer for mac. The quality of audio it provides is supreme, and therefore, we can say it is better than all other software present in the list. It is a lightweight software. MorphVox can mimic the voice of the users. The users have the option of adding background music or various sound effects.

Your entertainment is guaranteed when you download and install MorphVOX, with this application all you'll have to do is record a few sentences and then you'll be able to totally change all of their characteristics,by modulating them, to such an extent that nobody will be able to recognize your voice.

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  2. MorphVOX Pro是一款专业且功能强大的变声软件,它被世界各地的玩家用于创造性的交流,引领变音潮流给你百变嗓音,使用它可以录制需要变的声音进行转换,不仅兼容各大网络游戏及即时通讯平台,也被教育、广播和动画领域的专业人士用来制作高质量音视频。 变音器具有高质量变音、多重背景.
  3. Modify your voice, tone and pitch thanks to MorphVOX. Apply effects to your voice and change it for that of a robot or a demon, download MorphVOX for free. Jun 10, 2021 MorphVOX Junior is free voice changer software that will modify your voice to match your personality. You can sound like a man, woman, or little folk.

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Morphvox Full Archives Full

This software records any sentence and allows the user to modify the tone and pitch of the voice however they like. MorphVOX includes a series of preset voice changes, among which we'll be able to find one that will make you sound like a demon, another like a robot and the classic one that will make you sound like a man, woman or child. All of them ready to be selected and ready to use as soon as you install the program.

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Furthermore, MorphVOX includes a series of effects and expressions that can be used together with the voices, which will add noises like Boo!, howls, or a screech in the background. Another interesting feature is the possibility to add a constant sound to the background of any voice to simulate that it has been recorded in a supermarket, for example.

Thanks to MorphVOX we'll be able to change our voice so that it seems like that of another person, taking into account that it supports plug-ins and allows the user to add new voices, there will be no problem to make the program a lot more interesting.

Morphvox Full Archives Free

  • The trial version can be used for 6 days.