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VoicesMorphvox pro custom voices Archives 2017

Morphvox Pro Custom Voices Archives List

Morphvox Pro Custom Voices ArchivesMorphvox Pro Custom Voices Archives

Morphvox Pro Custom Voices Archives 2017

You can add your own sound effects to MorphVOX. This guide walks you through the steps for adding your own custom sounds using the Custom Sound Effects wizard.
1. Select the 'Custom Sound Effects...' item from the Tools menu. Click 'Next' to continue.
2.Sound Effects Pack: This page will only appear after you have already created a sound effects pack. Here you can select either to create a new sound effects pack or load an existing one. Click 'Next' to continue. (The first time your run the wizard, you will start at 2b, Create New Sound Effects Pack)
2a.Create New Sound Effects Pack: Type in the name of your sound effects pack and click 'Next' to continue.
2b.Load Existing Sound Effects Pack: Select a sound effects pack from the list and click 'Next' to continue.
3.Sound Effects List: Add sound effects to the list by clicking on the 'Add' button. You can add Wave (*.wav) sound files that are 16-bit uncompressed format. Also note that the maximum length of the sound will need to be under 10 seconds.
4.Working with Sound Effects: Once you have added your sound effects, you can listen to the sound effect by clicking on the 'Listen' button, rename the sound effect by clicking on the 'Rename' button and remove the sound effect by clicking on the 'Remove' button.
5.Renaming Sound Effects: After renaming your sound effects your list might look something like this. Click 'Next' to continue.
6.Saving the Sound Effects: Now you can review the sound effects that will be saved. Click 'Next' to continue. Note: this may take some time to complete this operation.
7.Finished: Congratulations, you have finished creating a sound effects pack.
8.Sound Effects Are Now Available: You can check the sound effects panel to see that your new sound effects are now available.
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