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I have to sometimes play around with PowerShell, and while in there, sometimes I need to edit files. I prefer Notepad++, but found it difficult and slow to start.

The general first step is to determine the full path of the.dll that contains the cmdlet for which we need to know the ConfirmImpact parameter. To find the path to the.dll that contains the source code for the Remove-ADUser cmdlet, enter the PowerShell statements (Get-Command RemoveADUser).DLL and you will see the following: 1. Syntax Highlighting for Powershell in Notepad. If you ever find yourself doing any Powershell work (maybe when using TFSDeployer for example) then you'll probably be editing.ps1 files in a text editor (I hope you're not still using notepad!!). My personal tool of choice is Notepad. Unfortunately most notepad replacements still aren't aware.


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So aliases to the rescue. Just typing:

set-alias edit “C:Program Files (x86)Notepad++notepad++.exe”

will create a new alias called edit. And it can be invoked with parameters too. So I can just type:

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edit some.txt

and wherever I was, it now starts Notepad++. No need to modify path or anything.

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Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Notepad++, nor do I get anything from promoting them. I just happen to like that product very much! 🙂