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The addition of the scream filter and sine-shaper to Serum allows Halcyon Vol.3 to be broader in scope than any of our previous volumes. Distortion, when used carefully, can lead to rich and expressive sounds. The sine-shaper in particular, when combined with pre-filtering, yields an abundance of character. Xfer Records is home to VST plugins Serum, Nerve, Cthulhu, and LFO Tool.

Clinical material provided to assess the detection of various Flaviviruses using serological markers/includes Dengue Fever

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Frequency (No of surveys/year)


Sample Type



March, August


Dengue IgG: Sero-prevalence; Capture; IgM; NS1 Antigen; ICT NS1/IgG/IgM; Total Antibody. Flavivirus IgG; IgM; Total Antibody. Japanese Encephalitis Virus IgG; IgM. Kokobera; IgM; Total Antibody. Kunjin (West Nile) Virus IgG; IgM; Total Antibody. Murray Valley Encephalitis Virus IgG; IgM; Total Antibody. Yellow Fever IgG; IgM. Zika Virus IgG; IgM; Total Antibody

Storage and Handling

Serological program samples are dispatched in December and January or on Enrolment and should be stored frozen at a temperature between -20°C and -80°C, until the relevant survey is open for testing.

Dangerous Goods (UN3373)

This survey material was packed in compliance with IATA PI.650 for Biological Substance Category B, UN 3373

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Enrol in this program to assess the detection of flaviviruses including dengue virus. If you test for Dengue virus only, enrol in the Dengue virus program.

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Product details last updated on August 19, 2020