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I've been working on changes to CPython to allow it to run without theglobal interpreter lock. I'd like to share a working proof-of-concept thatcan run without the GIL. The proof-of-concept involves substantial changesto CPython internals, but relatively few changes to the C-API. It iscompatible with many C extensions: extensions must be rebuilt, but usuallyrequire small or no modifications to source code. I've built compatibleversions of packages from the scientific Python ecosystem, and they areinstallable through the bundled 'pip'.

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My goal with the proof-of-concept is to demonstrate that removing the GILis feasible and worthwhile, and that the technical ideas of the projectcould serve as a basis of such an effort.


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I'd like to start a discussion about these ideas and gauge the community'sinterest in this approach to removing the GIL.

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