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I searched for a tool that would quickly allow me to measure the time distance between two events in a recorded sound. First I downloaded WaveJelly, which required me to register despite it being free -> I tossed it. Then tried Audacity, whose downloaded dmg file would not mount (open). Finally, I tried this one, which let me get to what I needed. Still, even this program has some annoyances in its usability: It appears not to follow the most simple Mac UI guidelines, such as: - Cannot drop a audio file onto the app to open the file. - Cannot create a selection by first positioning the cursor at one end, then using a Shift-Click to define the other end. - Once a selection has been made, one cannot simply drag either border to extend the selection, despite the cursor shape suggestion such an action. - Version information in the Finder's 'Info' window is wrong - it doesn't list the actual version number. Makes it difficult for reporting problems, comparing app version, etc. Dear programmer, please make an effort to follow common Mac guidelines better, and we may have a winner. ;) Anyways, thanks for making it available for free.

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  1. WavePad is compatible with various audio feeds such as microphones, internet streaming, and line-in devices. WavePad offers playback for audio, video, and PC. Search, scrub, and bookmark audio to create improved editing on all your projects. With over 20 effects when recording your voice, you’re in full control.
  2. WavePad is a potentially useful application and has some good features. However, the developers have seen fit to treat the Mac version as a poor relation to the Windows one. The interface face needs upgrading. Unlike the Windows version, it does not convert to other file formats after editing. This makes it totally useless for my purposes.

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Wavepad for Mac allows you to create and edit music and other audio files in lots of different ways. The application allows you to duplicate sections of recordings and add echo, amplification, noise reduction and other effects to your music. Sound editing functions include cut, copy, paste, delete, insert, silence, and auto-trim.